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On Net Neutrality

The Internet has been a revolution. Telecommunication operators are no longer operating Telecommunication networks, they are operating the Internet. The technologies we as a species have mastered to make it work at a global scale are now a ubiquitous part of our underlying infrastructure. That of course also means it has become a basic commodity, like electricity, roads and railways, on which we can build other things.

The telecommunication industry face fierce competition from multiple verticals and are desperate to find ways to retain and increase their revenue streams by competing with the content and service providers that utilize their “power grids”, “roads” and “railways” to deliver services to their end customers.

In their stifle to accomplish this they may astray to put up tolls and limitations on their roads.

The only consequence this will have is to limit and hold back the inevitable next revolution that is now unfolding atop of these now ubiquitous services.

It is time to call a spade a spade and realize that the telecommunication industry is providing a basic utility our society requires to develop further.

Would you accept discriminatory behavior from your power company or water utilities as an attempt for them to favor their own brands in alternate verticals?

Please retain the net neutrality laws and do not let the fox mind the hen house.